About Africa Resource Foundation

ARF was founded by Dr. Benson M. Karanja, a native of Nakuru, Kenya in East Africa. Since 1995, Dr. Karanja has provided the services which are now being offered by ARF, however it was not until July 3, 2007 that ARF became officially incorporated as an organization. Our world headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA.

We promote and encourage partnerships that are based on ethical leadership, integrity, sound governing authority and compliance with governmental regulations. We equip and develop leaders in an effort to create sustainable entrepreneurial opportunities, thereby increasing the number of middle class citizens in the continent of Africa.

As coordinator of the Association of African Consortium Theological Studies (AACTS), Dr. Karanja has been instrumental in uniting numerous professionals from Kenya and increasing their understanding on the power of partnership

Board Member for the Moi Africa Institute

Participant on leadership seminars, global cross-cultural communications, mission trips, and mediations for churches and denominations

Received Presidential Award of Honor from President Mwai Kibaki for services and support to the country of Kenya

Received invitation to serve as a distinguished guest on the 2006 African Presidential Roundtable in Johannesburg, South Africa, which included several former African heads of state

Ambassador for various projects and initiatives in the continent of Africa

Established the Center for Leadership in Nakuru, Kenya

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