Current Projects

Providing assistance to the Bishop Eddie L. Long Bondeni Maternity Hospital in Nakuru, Kenya

Promoting peace in Africa through the Moi Africa Institute, where services include conflict resolution, mediation and dialogue, poverty eradication, and disease fighting efforts against the spread of HIV/AIDS, malaria and Tuberculosis

Fundraising efforts for the people of Kenya in support of recent political uprisings and riots

Global Leadership training for government officials, clergy, and business leaders since 1998

Past And Continuing Projects

Provided over $8,000 in scholarships to students who have traveled from Kenya to the United States to study

Raised funds to build houses for many people of Kenya

Provided financial donations to the AIC Hospital Clinic in Nakuru in support of medical relief programs

Donated hundreds of computers and books to schools, colleges, and libraries

Donated food to famine stricken areas of Kenya

Sponsored leaders who traveled to Kenya to provide training in urban areas

Sent monetary donations to build a center for disadvantaged communities in Nakuru

Provided two-million dollars worth of medical equipment to various hospitals in Kenya

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